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Mapping AI in business to drive progress

Launching January 2023

AI is transforming the world around us and the potential is huge. But adoption is complicated, expensive and risky. Regulation is coming thick and fast and there is little visibility of who is doing it well.

We’re interrogating the hype to share evidence on how the best businesses are making AI work. Revealing data on critical factors like leadership, talent, infrastructure and governance.

This level of industry-wide transparency is new – and powerful. It is the intel businesses have been hunting for to inform your AI transformation.
What is The AIQ Index

What is the Evident AI Index?

The Evident AI Index is an independent ranking of the largest companies in the world on their AI maturity.

Independent. We don’t rely on surveys or self-reported data.

Unique. 200 indicators from 50+ public data sources.

Reliable. We process millions of data points using cutting-edge research tools.

The Evident AI Index for Banks launches in January 2023 before rolling out across other sectors.

The Evident AI Index enables anyone to:

the AI maturity of companies


strategic priorities


areas for improvement


emerging trends


best-in-class capabilities

Evident AI Index

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 13.10.28.png

The pillars of the Evident AI Index



AI “literacy” of Executive team and Board;

AI management structure.


AI prominence;

Clarity of strategy;

Sophistication of targets.


Infrastructure; software; R&D; cloud.

Innovation engine


Volume of AI research;

Conference participation;

Volume of patents.

Open source

GitHub contribution;

Hackathon participation;



M&A / acquisitions;

Academic partnerships;

FinTech partnerships.


Data infrastructure

Platform & technology;

Cloud strategy / progress.

Data quality

Quality of data;

Reference data.

Risk & Responsibility





Data & AI talent

Volume; tenure; seniority.

Implementation talent

AI “readiness” of risk, ops, and legal.

Talent strategy

Culture & training;



Evident AI

Improve strategic decision-making and keep on top of emerging trends with data and insights from the Evident AI Index.


Commission bespoke research and projects from the Evident team.

  • Regional or business unit comparisons.

  • Historical analysis of the Evident AI Index data.

  • Not in the Index? We can run the numbers and estimate your ranking.

  • Other bespoke projects and thought leadership.

Evident AI company profiles

Dig deeper into the AI ecosystem of any company in the index.

  • Explore all data from the 2022 Evident AI Index

  • Choose a bank and compare it against a competitor set.

  • Predict future AI Index rankings.

  • Flexible data access to suit your needs (dashboard; API; PDF report).

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