Intelligence Analyst: AI & Banking

London, UK

Job Type

Full time

About the Company

IndexLab is a new research and intelligence company. We specialise in measuring the adoption of AI and other emerging technologies.

Why we exist:

AI and other emerging technologies have the potential to transform every aspect of our lives.

Businesses are racing to deploy AI in everything from agriculture to banking. And yet no one knows exactly what they’re doing or how they’re doing it.

The world is running blind. There is no independent benchmark that compares companies on their AI capabilities so companies don’t know how their AI ecosystems compare vs. competitors; investors can’t clearly see who has the competitive advantage; and regulators struggle to keep up.

What we do:

We are building the world’s first index to publicly rank the largest companies in the world on their AI maturity, using advanced data gathering techniques to process millions of public data points across a wide range of unstructured data sources.

In addition, we work with thought-leading businesses and AI institutes on an ad hoc basis to deep-dive into particular areas and produce deep research reports.

By combining the data from our index with cutting-edge research, we are building the most accurate picture of how the world’s biggest companies are using and adopting AI, and driving global transparency.

Why join us:

We are building a world leading team of index creators, researchers, data scientists and journalists.

We have more than 30 years of experience building complex indices that drive positive change in the world.
- We are building a cutting edge research team that aims to change how research is done. We use the latest techniques in Machine Learning to build our own data collection tools that are faster and better than traditional methods.
- We are an early stage company, with big growth ambitions. Join us early to shape our future plans.
- We are backed by some of the world’s leading tech commentators and investors.

About the Role

The role:

We are looking for an experienced analyst to lead our Financial Services Intelligence team. As our first Insights role this is a greenfield opportunity where someone can shape our entire output.


Identify cutting-edge insights and trends that are business critical for our banking clients on topics around artificial intelligence.

Analyse and derive insights from The AIQ Index database and broader news media.

Work with our Data Science team to create engaging data visualisations and graphics.

Define and write Key Findings reports, newsletters and other long-form content fuelled by index data.

Present and discuss key findings / insights with Executive leadership across banks.

Develop our Insights strategy: what insights we prioritise; what format we produce them (research report vs articles) and on what channels (social; newsletter etc).

Build and grow our Financial Services Intelligence team.


Core skills

  • Deep understanding of the key issues facing leaderships teams in global banks on topics related to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies

  • Quantitative analysis and statistics capabilities

  • Excellent written communication skills: proven ability to produce engaging content for global leadership teams

  • Excellent verbal communication skills: proven ability to communicate complex topics and ideas to Executive-level leaders

  • 5+ years of work experience, ideally including:

  • Experience working within a Financial Services institution, preferably in innovation, strategy, AI or data-related roles

  • … or experience consulting for major Financial Services companies on topics such as AI and digital transformation

  • … or experience conducting Financial Services and AI research and analysis

Desirable skills

  • Experience developing B2B content and insights strategies

  • Experience building and growing insights / other teams

  • Experience working in a start-up environment

  • Experience working with data scientists, engineers and products teams

  • Experience in analysing large datasets and using visualisation tools such as Tableau, Looker, or