Wooden Spoon

IndexLab is a research company that specialises in measuring the adoption of emerging technologies.

Our mission

To create world-leading intelligence that accelerates AI advancement.


We are doing this by measuring AI adoption better than ever before.

And working with companies to help them monitor their progress and do better.

Why we exist

AI is transforming every aspect of our lives.

Businesses and nations are investing billions of dollars in the race to deploy AI.

Yet widespread adoption is slow and complex.

It requires visionary leadership, highly specialised talent and the ability to retain it. As well as good data, infrastructure and governance.

And there is almost no visibility across sectors.

Entities struggle to assess the effectiveness of their investments and have little way of knowing how they are doing vs. peers.

We believe that measuring what matters increases transparency and drives everyone to do better.

Our team

We’re building a 'brain trust' of the best researchers, data scientists and engineers thinking about emerging technologies.